Today, our family in Italy along with some families of the other missing people had a meeting with the Captain in charge of the rescue and the man in charge of the investigation.  We were able to speak with some of the divers and thank them personally for their hard work.  We were able to have some direct conversations with the Captain of the rescue effort.  He indicated that he was not ready to give up and understood the importance of continuing the search for all of the families with loved ones still missing.

The rescue workers believe they are reaching a portion of the ship that they haven’t been able to get to until now and feel that it likely will produce more of those still missing.  We hope that tomorrow’s search may provide answers for those of us still waiting.

This afternoon we joined some other people missing family members and were taken out near the ship and allowed to place flowers pretty close to the boat.  We picked daisies for Mom and white roses for Dad.  It was very emotional as all of the workers stopped what they were doing and saluted us all as we placed the flowers in the water.

We do know that they recovered a woman today in the ship however we have not been made aware of her identity at this point.  We continue to pray for the missing, their families, and all of the brave rescuers as they continue to work so very hard in the face of an overwhelming challenge.